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Get to Know Us

Based in Austin, TX, Pocket 20 is where funk meets jazz, pop collides with soul, and every performance is an invitation to groove. Our sound is a mixtape of our favorite genres.

Leading the charge is Kat O'Kane, our front woman and songwriting force. Her voice doesn’t just sing; it tells stories across any genre she touches, setting the stage for what’s more than just a concert—it’s an experience.

Matt Dixon on guitar brings the R&B groove, laying down licks that are as smooth as they are dynamic. Scott Doyle on keys is a synth wizard, blending electronic vibes with classic tones to create something entirely new. And on drums, Ben Russell keeps us grounded with his jazz-influenced beats, making sure our sound is tight and right on every track.

Pocket 20 is more than a band; we're a fusion of sounds and souls, here to offer a fresh, funky, and soulful music experience. We're stoked to share our tunes with you, whether you're a long-time local or just passing through Austin. Come join us and let's make some memories.

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